IRIS Energy

IRIS Energy has an extensive and strong team of specialists within drilling and well technology. Commercialization of IRIS’s system for automated drilling, Drilltronics™ continued in 2014 through its subsidiary Sekal AS. Drilltronics™ was permanently installed on Statfjord C in October 2014. Researchers in IRIS Energy worked closely with Sekal to ensure a successful operation when the first well was drilled using the new system. 

In the SFI research center DrillWell, several of the projects have entered the phase of developed prototypes. Dialogue with supply companies able to bring this technology to the market was initiated in 2014. This especially applies to a new model for correction of the measured weight of the drill string, and a model for transport of drill cuttings, both of which have significant commercial potential. Work on commercialization will be very important for the centre going forward.