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Norwegian (Bokmål) English 


Ulrigg Drilling and Well Centre is a unique facility, both nationally and internationally. The facility supports R&D and the industry by facilitating testing, verification and qualification of newly-developed products, solutions and systems. The industry and R&D are moving steadily forward: new and innovative solutions are brought forward and prepared for testing and verification. UBBS must constantly renew, improve and secure the facility so as to best meet the needs of R&D and the industry.

The big innovation in drilling automation is the introduction of robot technology. There are lots of possibilities. Increased efficiency, continuous operation without breaks, repeatability and high tolerance standards make robot technology highly suitable for drilling system automation.  

In 2016, Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre has worked with a number of industry partners with the aim of defining tomorrow’s robotised Ullrigg. One invariable requirement is that the chosen solution for the future must offer full openness to all suppliers of technology and services, in order to ensure that the system (the infrastructure) can implement whatever is needed for testing individual components or systems in a total context (hardware in the loop). It above-mentioned Demo2000 DADPC project will contribute to this in particular, and thus will attract more interesting projects in the future. 

The capacity is allocated approximately 80/20 between support for R&D in the industry and the institute sectors.