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Norwegian (Bokmål) English 

Research communication

The researchers are concerned about sharing the knowledge that they derive from various R&D projects. In 2016 there was a high level of dissemination of research via scientific articles in specialist periodicals and book chapters. The researchers made many contributions in these two categories, both nationally and internationally. In addition, there was also conference papers, lectures, reports, feature articles and other participation in the public debate.

2016 was a year with significant project activity on various topics including within major changes in the labour market in Rogaland, labour migration, and the school system. The evaluation of the availability of career guidance services in Norway and the career counselling role in Norwegian schools was one of six reports/studies that were used as the basis of NOU 2016:7 “Norway under restructuring – career guidance for individuals and society,” a report from an investigative committee appointed by royal resolution.

A research team consisting of researchers from research and university environments in Norway and Poland working together have implemented the PAR – Migration Navigator project. The project has looked at the encounters and interaction Polish immigrants have experienced with public services in Norway, both in health care, education and the labour market. The research team has published several articles, and in autumn 2016 the main project was concluded with the report entitled “Socio-cultural and Psychological Predictors of Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality – Cross-Cultural Comparison of Polish and Norwegian Families.”
IRIS’s research concerning the importance of the oil business for the Norwegian economy continued to set the agenda for the debate in the national news media. The research grants were referred to by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy among others, and was mentioned in the context of discussions about petroleum policy in the future.