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Norwegian (Bokmål) English 

Industry and the labour market

The research includes monitoring the development of economic cycles in western Norway, industry-related studies in petroleum, agriculture and transport, and studies of the connections between the labour market and skills

Over the course of 2016. we conducted research concerning:
  • Continuous monitoring of western Norway’s business community, a network considered one of the most important indicators of the development of the Norwegian economy
  • Restructuring in the Stavanger region, for example in the status report to Greater Stavanger’s annual conference 2016
  • Restructuring and growth in the Stavanger region, such as cluster properties at Forus, and what forms the basis for the companies’ choice of location
  • Financial institutions’ impact on and role in regional economic development
  • Mapping out of the regional financial industry in connection with the preparatory work and preparations for the Fornybar AS (The Renewable Fund)
  • Residents of Norway and Ireland’s attitudes vis-à-vis aquaculture
  • Participation in EU-based networks for research on sustainable energy systems
  • “Smart City” as a dynamic driving force for urban development