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IRIS Energy

IRIS has a long tradition of commercialising our research. IRIS Energy has a large and strong technical research environment in the field of Drilling & Well Technology. The commercialisation of IRIS’s system for automated drilling, DrillTronics™ continued in 2016, via IRIS's subsidiary Sekal. DrillTronics™ was permanently installed on Statfjord C in October 2014, and in 2015 and 2016 more wells were drilled with the new technology. The potential of substantial cost savings was proven. In the SFI Research Centre, our DrillWell continued the dialogue with supplier companies which can bring technology developed at the Centre out to the market. Several models from the Centre have now been implemented or are in the process of being implemented in commercial software programs. This applies in particular to a new model for the correction of the measured weight of the drill string and a model for the transport of the drill cuttings, both of which have significant commercial potential.  

DEMO2000 is an important tool for accelerating the time it takes from a useful research result to a bringing a new product to the market. In 2016, IRIS Energy received a grant jointly with the Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre concerning a large DEMO2000 project. Together with Robotic Drilling Systems (RDS), Statoil, Sekal, Odfjell Drilling, IRIS will demonstrate a fully automated drilling process with robotised drill floor and automated control.

The framework agreement with Statoil, which was signed in June 2016, has led to several projects in which research is being implemented, and the results adopted and put into practical application.

The research in the National IOR centre has also progressed so far that it can be put into use. In 2016, we implemented several spin-off projects where user partners in the centre funded the implementation of algorithms and methods in their own systems. This was especially so in the field of production optimisation and assimilation of data. 
Kristin Margrethe Flornes
Senior Vice President IRIS Energy