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Equal opportunity

IRIS’ goal is to be an attractive and recognised research institution of high quality, diversity and equal opportunity. It states in our Code of Ethics that: “IRIS works for a diverse and inclusive work culture characterised by equality and tolerance. At IRIS, all people are valued equally. No discrimination of any kind is acceptable and will not be tolerated, whether due to cultural background, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or other reason.”
In accord with this, IRIS desires a fairly equal distribution between the genders, both in terms of its employees and the composition of governing bodies. IRIS sees the value of having all age groups represented in the workplace. Life Phase Policy in IRIS is therefore a development strategy focusing on the individual and development in all phases of the workplace.

The company has a recruitment and personnel policy is designed to ensure equal opportunities and rights for women and men, which aims to prevent that discrimination on the basis of gender exists with the company. This is also spelled out in the company’s ethics guidelines.

Of 195 employees at the end of 2016, there were 64 women, representing 33 percent of the employees in IRIS.

Among the 7 members of the Board of Directors, 3 of the 5 shareholder-elected members are women. An election of employee representatives for representation on the Board of Directors was held in 2016, and one of two employee-elected board members is a woman.

The proportion of women today is 20 percent in IRIS Energy, 46 percent in IRIS Social Science and 59 percent in IRIS Environment. Of 24 managers with responsibility over personnel, 9 are women. 2 out of 14 research managers are women. IRIS also has an unbalanced level of female senior researchers: 23 percent women compared with 77 percent men. Among researchers, the corresponding figures are 57 percent women and 43 percent men.
3 out of the 8 employees working on a doctorate are women. IRIS works to ensure that well-qualified and relevant doctoral candidates remain at IRIS after completing their education.

The job satisfaction survey is actively used to gain insight into the extent to which employees themselves perceive equal opportunity at IRIS. The results of the 2015 survey confirm, as with previous years, that to a great extent employees perceive that there are equal opportunities among women and men. It is important for IRIS that the opportunities are perceived as equal, irrespective of one's gender. Equal gender distribution at the various levels in the organisation ensures that the focus is maintained and strengthened. This applies particularly to the percentage of women in top professional positions and within the energy sector.

In accordance with the Gender Equality Act, the Anti-Discrimination Act and the Discrimination and Accessibility Act, a more detailed review has been prepared regarding status, challenges, goals and measures.

Gender balance