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Activities and locations

IRIS was established in 2005 and became operational via a transfer of operations from the Rogalandsforskning Stiftelsen foundation (founded in 1973), for the purpose of becoming a leading and customer-oriented research and innovation company.

IRIS is owned by the Rogaland Research Foundation (50%) and the University of Stavanger (50%).

The IRIS Group consists of IRIS and its subsidiaries: IRIS Software AS, IRIS Forskningsinvest AS, Hole In One Producer AS, Biosentrum AS, Biopartner AS, Geokraft AS, and GenderGuide AS.

The purpose of the company is to make a useful contribution to society and be socially beneficial in general, and to engage in assignments for both private enterprises and public organisations. By means of its ability to disseminate knowledge and bring ideas and research results into commercial products and industrial solutions, the company creates value for Norwegian and international customers and for society as a whole. The underlying operation must be healthy and provide positive results, but high-quality research and technological development have higher priorities than to maximise profits.

The Board of Directors places great emphasis on IRIS’ results being published and believes that the institution properly has ambitions in this area. Over the course of 2016, 89 (59) articles/book chapters/papers was published in national and international journals/books/conference reports, with peer review. 197 (107) presentations and lectures were given at conferences and similar events. IRIS was the sole organiser or co-organiser of 12 (4) conferences. Over the course of the year in 2016, we saw a delivery of more than 200 (98) reports to clients in the private sector. The figure in parentheses refer to the number in 2015. IRIS’s research on the importance of the oil business for employment and the Norwegian economy in general sets the agenda for a debate in the media. The research was referred to by i.a. the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and in discussions about petroleum policy in the future.

IRIS takes on assignments in the fields of energy, the environment and society.

In the energy area, drilling & wells, and improved oil recovery are at the centre. Health care technology is a new area within the field of energy, where the primary focus is on image and signal processing, plus simulation and modelling of biological processes. The “Norway Pumps and Pipes” project is a government-funded project that focuses on the transfer of skills between divergent industries, especially between petroleum and medicine.
The environmental activities focus on developing tools for oil spill preparedness and emergency response, monitoring and assessment of risk of marine acidification, climate change, and regular environmental discharges from industrial activities.

In the area of social science research, the research is connected to policy formulation, developments in employment and the working world, innovation and restructuring, safety, and the development of organisations and companies.
IRIS is a research institution that is receiving basic grants from the Research Council of Norway, a governmental agency of the Norwegian government. The allocations of basic grants for 2016 increased by NOK 0.7 million, amounting to NOK 22.3 million, or 7 percent of sales revenues.

The Group has international activities, which are expressed via project activities in relation to international companies in Norway, and increasing activity within European programmes.
In 2016, IRIS received STIM EU funding (incentives for increased participation of research institutes in the EU’s Framework Programme) from the Research Council in the amount of NOK 4.3 million, based on project awards from the EU to IRIS.

Assignment and contribution financed research from national clients, including international companies in Norway, represents more than 92% of the parent company’s and the Group's sales revenue excluding basic grants. Income directly from international clients represents approximately 8%.

IRIS has its head office in Stavanger, plus has offices in Mekjarvik (Randaberg), Bergen and Oslo.

The total number of employees is 195 in IRIS, and 3 employees in subsidiaries.


P.rev.: Peer-reviewed
N.p.rev: Not Peer-reviewed
*Lectures held at conferances