Norwegian (Bokmål) English 


Norwegian (Bokmål) English 


Welfare research covers health services, welfare technology, occupational health services, worker immigration, drug abuse care and residential policy, as well as cultural and social changes in along-term perspective.

In 2015 we researched into:
  • Counsellors in schools and their role and everyday working life between wasted time and basic abilities.
  • Changes in local authority practice regarding maternity and baby care after the implementation of the teaching programme “Early in”.
  • Polish migrants in Norway, worker immigrant families’ encounters with the public sector and communication between local authorities and worker migrants regarding gender.
  • The SkillsREAL project studies learning and competence potential in the workplace among young adults, older employees and immigrants.
  • The book: “Hva har oljen gjort med oss? Økonomisk vekst og kulturell endring” (What has the oil done for us. Economic growth and cultural change), which is the result of a 4-year study of social and cultural change processes in Stavanger. The cultural-sociological doctoral thesis “People on the differences between people” is also part of the results of this research.
Photo: Istock