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Norwegian (Bokmål) English 

IRIS Energy

The Energy division is the largest at IRIS and consisted in 2015 of five groups in addition to Management, Administration and The Petroleum Laboratory. Drilling and Well Technology, Increased Oil Recovery and Risk Analysis and Renewable Energy are our target areas. We are at the forefront of international research into automated drilling and increased recovery.

As well as great activity in petroleum, in 2015 we strengthened our position in geothermal energy and CO2 storage. IRIS haschosen health research and big data as new focus areas and researchers from the Energy division have made an active contribution to the work of developing these focus areas. Our international project portfolio is bigger than before. We are partners in several H2020 projects and projects financed by Norway Grants. Finance from the Research Council to establish the NorTex Data Science Cluster gives us the opportunity to further develop our international collaboration with the USA.

We have further strengthened our collaboration with the industry in 2015.