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Activities and locations

IRIS was created in 2005 as a continuation of the former Rogaland Research in order to be a leading, customer-oriented research and innovation company. The University of Stavanger was invited to become an owner.

The IRIS group consists of IRIS and its subsidiaries IRISForskningsinvest AS, IRIS-Software AS, Hole In One Producer AS, Biopartner AS, Geokraft AS and GenderGuide AS. The parent company IRIS is owned by the Rogaland Research Foundation (50 per cent) and the University of Stavanger (50 per cent).

The purpose of the company is to make a useful contribution to society and to perform assignments for both private and public organisations. By means of its ability to bring on ideas and research results into commercial products and industrial solutions, the company creates value for Norwegian and international customers and for society as a whole. The underlying operation must be healthy and provide positive results, but high-quality research and technological development have higher priorities than to maximise profits.

The board places great emphasis on IRIS’ results being published and believes that the institution should have ambitions in this area. In 2015, 59 articles/book chapters were published in national and international periodicals and books with peer assessment and 21 book chapters/articles in national and international periodicals without peer assessment. 107 presentations and lectures were given at conferences and similar events. IRIS was sole or co-organiser of 4 conferences. 

IRIS takes on assignments in the fields of energy, the environment and society. In the energy area, drilling & well and increased oil recovery are at the centre. The environmental activities focus on developing tools for oil countermeasures, monitoring and risk assessment of marine acidification, climate change and regular emissions from the industry. In the area of Social Science the research is connected with policy formulation, developments in working life, innovation and reorganisation, safety and the development of organisations and companies.

The parent company IRIS is a research institution with basic grants from the Research Council of Norway. The basic grants represent just under NOK 22 million, or approximately 7 per cent of sales revenue.

The group has international activities, which are expressed through project activities in relation to international companies in Norway and increasing activity within European programmes. 

Assignment and contribution financed research from national clients, including international companies in Norway, represents 92 per cent of the parent company’s and the group’s sales revenue excluding basic grants. Income directly from international clients represents approximately 8%.

The main activities are located in Stavanger, Mekjarvik (Randaberg), Bergen and Oslo. 

There are 202 employees.


P.rev.: Peer-reviewed
N.p.rev: Not Peer-reviewed
*Lectures held at conferances