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Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre (UBBS)

After three years of comprehensive Ullrigg upgrades, the infrastructure now represents a facility with a focus on safety and operational requirements equivalent to offshore regulations. Ullrigg is now fully mechanized and equipped to execute virtually all types of projects within drilling and well construction. 

A similar emphasize has been on the facility that handles test activities for downhole equipment. HPHT activity at the Ullrigg Drilling and Well Centre has undergone a significant risk mapping with subsequent upgrades and updates of logging and control systems, in order to ensure that implementation and results of test activities represent the added value that our clients expect from us. 

The upgrade represented a turning point in the history of Ullrigg, moving from using partly mechanical/manual labour to using remotely controlled machines for all tasks. In line with our customers’ daily offshore work, there should be no manual operations on the drill floor.  With mechanized (remotely controlled) operations, this part of the HSE requirement is fulfilled.

The next big ”visible” project under preparation in this area is the fabrication of a prototype project for West Drilling Products, The Continuous Motion Rig, CMR. This project has a high level of visibility. The CMR concept represents a new way to conduct drilling and will draw considerable attention to Ullandhaug in connection with demonstrations and tests in the future.  Through the JIP (Joint Industry Project), the companies will be able to visualize the value creation that infrastructure represents for Norwegian technology development.

This demonstration of value creation will be very positive in the future, as UBBS will make an effort to gain acceptance within the industry for more use of the facility with regards to piloting technology. Piloting represents the final stage a product, system or component undergoes before it is considered commercial. On average, it currently takes 15+ years for a product to develop from idea to market introduction. The piloting phase constitutes a significant proportion of this time span. By being able to complete this onshore, both operational and financial risk can be reduced and thus contribute to a significant added value.

With such a solid upgrade, IRIS now possesses a full-scale test facility in line with industry requirements for systems, safety and working environment otherwise encountered during operations. More upcoming qualifying projects will draw significant attention to this facility in the years to come. This will contribute to a substantial market effect that we intend to exploit in order to offer even more diversified services for the future.