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Norwegian (Bokmål) English 

Drilling and well: Safer and more efficient processes

Automated drilling

The year 2014 was a highlight in automated drilling.  In October 2014, Drilltronics™, which IRIS has developed and is being commercialized through its subsidiary Sekal, was permanently installed offshore on Statfjord C.  This is a breakthrough in the automation of the drilling process.  Automated drilling has been a focus in drilling and well since 2008. For the industry, cost reduction and more efficient drilling of new wells is paramount to increase productivity on the Norwegian shelf. 

Virtual Rig

IRIS has an advanced virtual drilling and well operations laboratory, Virtual Rig. Virtual Rig has been central to the the development of our systems for automation including Drilltronics™. Currently, a virtual arena for an even more advanced couplings between the physical rig on ”Ullrig” and the virtual simulation environment is in planning.


DrillWell is entering a phase focusing on deliveries, applications and collaboration with service companies, in order to make the technology accessible. The main effort is directed towards cost reduction, optimization of the drilling operation, and effective plugging of wells.