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IRIS Energy

IRIS Energy is the largest department in IRIS and in 2014 consisted of five research groups, the Petroleum Laboratory and the management with its administration. IRIS Energy carries out research within drilling and well technology, improved oil recovery, risk analysis, and new forms of energy. Our two main areas of priority continue to be improved oil recovery and automated drilling.

Energy - more efficient and safe energy production

As for previous years, more than 90 percent of the activity has been petroleum-related. The cost challenge on the Norwegian continental shelf and falling oil prices have marked the oil and gas market this year. We note an increased focus on short-term deliveries and solutions that can be implemented quickly. Relevance to the industry is one of the strengths of our applied research and we emphasize a close dialogue with our clients. New and more cost-effective methods for drilling and well construction and improved oil recovery from mature fields constituted a substantial part of the project portfolio, but the department also had projects for the new large fields on the Norwegian continental shelf.

The project portfolio ranges from small projects with a single client to large, long-term programs with many industry partners, such as DrillWell (Drilling and Well Centre for Improved Recovery), The National IOR Centre of Norway, and Centre for Oil Recovery (COREC). Through The National IOR Centre of Norway, IRIS Energy has attained closer relationships with several industry partners. The center has also imparted visibility internationally.