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Norwegian (Bokmål) English 


Innovation is defined by creating something new, and for the better. This is experienced daily during the operation and maintenance of Ullrigg´s facility, and it is reflected in all improvement suggestions and solutions that the facility benefits from. Through 30 years of support and facilitation of innovative solutions, the professional team possesses considerable expertise benefiting the industry. Professional expertise, market knowledge and the ability to adapt to different needs, together put Ullrigg in a unique position to carry out testing, qualification and training.

For instance, various adaptations have been made to the two major ”Step Change” projects CMR (Continuos Motion Rig) and RDS (Robotic Drilling Systems). The facility is customized for these projects to make use of the existing infrastructure, and in this manner avoid expensive investments outside of the core technology.

The future will show whether Ullrigg succeeds in adapting to and facilitating the piloting of technology, as a continuation of testing and qualification. In this case, it will contribute to substantially strengthen the possibilities of getting technology quickly from idea to market.