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Our research creates great value

The year 2014 was a good year for IRIS with a lot of good research and many innovations leading to creation of value for our customers. During the year we decided upon a new strategy with the vision; ”Our research creates great value!” This compact and powerful vision together with our business concept demonstrate our desire for IRIS to apply research and development to generate important value for the users, whether they represent business, public sector, or society at large.
Through the strategy process we established a set of values, which will inspire our employees while they contribute to enabling IRIS to fulfill its social assignment. Our values comprise something that we have and something that we will reinforce in order to build our culture. They should be the pillars of our culture and permeate our organization.

The values of IRIS:
  • Innovation: We appreciate creative employees who promote innovation and new solutions to complex challenges.
  • Respect: We show respect by being receptive and responsive to different views, opinions, and ideas.
  • Integrity: We base our research on objectivity, scientific facts and good research ethics.
  • Solidarity: We stick together and support each other.

Furthermore, our collaboration with the University of Stavanger (UiS) is absolutely central to our academic activities and the creation of value at IRIS. In 2014, this was further underlined by the preparation of an action plan for a closer and more binding cooperation between IRIS and UiS. This is reinforced in IRIS´ new strategy and in board decisions from UiS, emphasizing a stronger integration between the two organisations. IRIS and UiS share responsibility for several research centers, the most important of which are DrillWell (SFI), National Center for Improved Oil Recovery (IOR), and Center for Innovation Research. An important goal for the collaboration is to establish more national and international research centers in the Stavanger region.

IRIS and UiS also make an effort to visualise the total competence environment at Ullandhaug, e.g. through participation in events such as ONS 2014, where once again we had a joint stand.
Ole Ringdal - Managing Director