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Activities and locations

IRIS was established in 2005 as a continuation of former Rogalands Research with an aim to be a profitable, leading, and customer focused research and innovation company. The University of Stavanger was invited as co-owner.

The IRIS Group comprises IRIS and the subsidiaries IRIS Commercialisation, IRIS Software AS and Akvamiljø AS (under liquidation). The parent company IRIS is owned by the foundation, Rogalands Research (50 percent) and the University of Stavanger (50 percent).

The purpose of the company is to carry out carry out assignments for the private and public sector. Through its ability to develop ideas and research results into commercial products and industrial solutions, the company creates values for Norwegian and international clients, and for the society at large. The underlying operations should be healthy and produce positive results, but high quality research and technology development maintain a higher priority than maximizing profits.

The board has emphasized that IRIS´s results should be widely published, and believes that the organisation should maintain this ambition. In 2014; 98 (64) articles were published in national and international journals with peer review, and 10 articles in international journals without peer review. 122 (82) conference lectures were held. IRIS has been either sole or co-organizer of 13 (6) conferences. The figures in brackets are from 2013.

IRIS performs contract research in the areas of energy, environment and social science. Within energy, drilling and wells plus improved oil recovery, are focus areas. Environmental activities focus on the development of tools for oil spill protection, (real-time) monitoring, ocean acidification risk assessment, climate change, and regular industry emissions. Social science includes research in relation to policy-making, working life development, innovation and restructuring, and development of organizations and businesses.

The parent company IRIS is a research institute receiving basic grants from The Research Council of Norway. Basic grants amount to just over 20 MNOK or about 6 percent of sales revenues. The Group has international operations, although these are primarily executed through project activities in relation to international companies in Norway.

Contract and commissioned research from national clients, including international operating companies in Norway, constitute 96 percent of sale revenues in the parent company and the group (excluding basic grants). Revenues from foreign clients constitute approximately 4 percent.

The main operations are located in Stavanger, Bergen, and Oslo. The number of employees is 208.